Some of my earliest memories are working with my hands, making paper designs and patterns, an activity that's become the basis of my artistic vocabulary.

My fascination with two-dimensional art shaped my childhood. A degree in Business and a brief career in the interior design world as a drapery specialist allowed me to incorporate fabrics from my workroom into paintings, developing a mixed media approach to the visual arts. In the 1990's, my commitment to my art led me to become a member, then president, of the Artists Atelier of Atlanta, a cooperative of 40 artists. I have always been fortunate to have wonderful mentors. There in Atlanta, I studied under Joe Perrin, professor emeritus at Georgia State University, and Ouida Canaday, a well-known regional artist. I was exposed to painting on silk, which led me in exciting new directions. Other mentors included Jon Whaling, a nationally known fiber artist, who encouraged me to work in innovative ways with paints and fabrics. Two one-woman shows, and a private commission for an installation of 40 paintings, added to my development. Inspired by the rich variety of the geology and landscape of Colorado, where I lived from 2002-2006, many of my most recent endeavors explore the inherent beauty and mystery of rocks and trees. Working in multiple canvas series, they are open to a variety of different installations. As a Dallas resident from 2006-2010, I've was blessed with new opportunities to develop my unique approach which I call "fusion art." In this effort, I freely combine acrylics, black and white photography, and a wide range of colorful hand-dyed and textured fabrics to create an entirely new and spiritually charged experience of the everyday world. Since making Aliyah in the summer of 2010, I have been working on paintings of doors as metaphors for encountering new possibilities on life's journey, and paintings of old trucks as a metaphors for growing older.

When I observe the world around me, I cannot help but intuitively understand that the variations of nature reflect God's ability to create an infinitely varied world, where no design is repeated exactly. The concept of an infinite God creating an infinite number of ways to see beauty in the world animates my art. In particular, the fusion of fabric and paint in my art allows me to see the world in patterns as well as in a textured and multi-dimensional way. My work is not flat but round.

Jerusalem Theatre Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel, 2012
Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival, 2006
Quilt Fest of New Jersey, 2006
Windows to the Divine, 2005
Core Gallery, New Dimensions in Fiber, 2004
Colorado Jewish Artist Guild at the Canaan Gallery, 2004
Focus: Fiber 2002, Textile Art Alliance of the Cleveland Museum of Art
Atlanta Botanical Gardens Art Show, 1996
Callaway Gardens, 1995

McGraw Hill Building in Columbus, Ohio, 2002
Dublin Arts League for Rea Associates, 2002
Jewish Community Center of Chicago, "Art and Soul" Exhibit, 1998
Midwest Conference of Women: Halacha and Modernity, 1998
Etzion Judaica Center, Israel, 1997
Dorothy McRae Gallery, Atlanta, with Robert Lipnick, 1992

Aspen Healthcare Metrics, Denver, Colorado
Whiting Petroleum Corporation, Denver, Colorado
First National Band of Loveland, Loveland, Colorado
Horizon Bank, Loveland, Colorado
Crested Butte Ski Lodge, Crested Butte, Colorado
Martin Midstream Partners, Kilgore, Texas

Peyton Alexander, Atlanta, Georgia
Rabbi and Mrs. Michael Broyde, Atlanta, Georgia
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Rabinowitz, Powell, Ohio
Leah Schottenstein, Columbus, Ohio
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Diamond, Columbus, Ohio
Dr. and Mrs. A Mikalov, Columbus, Ohio
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Alpert, Denver, Colorado
Kim Zoller, Dallas, Texas
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Fagen, Dallas, Texas
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Baer, Dallas, Texas
Laura Lacritz, Dallas, Texas
Cheryl Potashnik, Dallas, Texas
David Katz, San Antonio, Texas
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Levy, Teaneck, New Jersey